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Hohe Acht

Video and photo guide - Hohe Acht.

You have just tackled the famous Karussell, now it's time to climb to Hohe Acht.

The Hohe Acht section is the second highest part of the Nurburgring, only T13 is higher.

You climb a steep right-left then a left-right combination into a tricky tight right hand bend.

After the right hand bend, it's time to head down hill again into another twisty section.

This section is named after a nearby tower which sits at the top of the regions highest peak.

This twisty S-bend leads up to the right hand Hohe Acht bend.

The red dot on the map shows the location.

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⇐Karussell Main Page Hedwigshöhe⇒


Complete Lap Films Front Camera Lap Rear Camera Lap

The purpose of this Nurburgring guide is to actually show you the track in fantastic detail.

We show you every bump, crest, hill, corner, bend, kurve and camber on the Nordschleife.

The Ring is a fantastic motorsport venue whether your on a touristenfahrten or trackday.

Our videos show two trackside films, onboard front and rear cameras using a Caterham Seven.

A Yamaha R1 was the motorbike in the action. We also included 24 hr footage.

We hope you enjoy our Panoramic photos which have been animated into a HD video.

Visit the Nordschleife and enjoy the beautiful Eifel Region mountains and nature.

Always be safe and sensible on the Nurburgring.

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