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Sabine Schmitz

There have been many fantastic drivers but Sabine Schmitz has captured the publics imagination more than most.

She was born in Nurburg and her home was the Hotel am Tiergarten.

Growing up next to the Nordschleife was the perfect place to begin a racing career.  She was soon winning races.

Sabine won in the CHC and VLN events and was outright champion in the VLN series in 1998.

Schmitz is the first woman to triumph in a major 24hr Endurance race, winning the fearsome Nurburgring 24hrs in 1996 and again in 1997.  She shared a BMW M3 with co driver Johannes Scheid.

She became even more popular after she began driving the BMW M5 Ring Taxi.

3 Ring Taxi customers enjoy a thrilling ride on the wet "Green Hell".

Often called "The Queen of the Ring" or "The fastest taxi driver in the world", fans are always asking for a photo with her.

Sabine with the very satisfied Ring Taxi customer Ian Bevis.

Two rather merry Sabine fans in the excellent Pistenklause Restaurant in Nurburging.

In 2004 BBC's Top Gear sent Jeremy Clarkson to the Nordschleife to do a feature on the Ring. His tutor of course was Sabine who mocked him saying she could beat Clarksons 10 minute lap time in a van. 

Sabine driving a Ford Transit on the Nurburgring. Part 1.


Sabine driving a Ford Transit on the  Nurburgring. Part 2.

In a second appearance on Top Gear she almost did it, driving a Ford Transit with Richard Hammond around the Nordschleife in 10 minutes 8 seconds.  A year later she collected the Top Gear award for "Best German".

Since 2006 Sabine has co-hosted the German T.V show "D Motor" on the DMAX channel.

Sabine Schmitz Motorsport, offers advanced driver training and a "Ring Taxi" experience.

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