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Nurburgring Stickers

Nurburgring Nordschleife Stickers

After visiting the Ring, people sometimes place a sticker on their vehicle to tell the world they have driven around the "Green Hell".

A Peugeot 106 Rallye proudly shows off it's Nurburgring sticker.

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Below is the new design of sticker which can be purchased from the shop in the Nordschleife Car Park.

Some fans of the circuit have stickers even though they've never been.

There are a set of rules on Facebook, to be taken with a pinch of salt of course.

Nurburgring Sticker Rules

1. Ring stickers can only be fitted to a vehicle by a person who has driven that vehicle around the Nurburgring. 

2. Vehicles which are purchased with ring stickers already fitted should have them removed until such time as the new owner has driven the vehicle around the Nurburgring.

3. Driving a few laps on a games console in a car that is in some way similar to your car (e.g. it has 4 wheels) does not cut the mustard I'm afraid. 

4. Sticker size and position are very important.  Historically, 'ring stickers have been displayed in a relatively inconspicuous fashion - owners have specifically bought the sticker so that in the main only other "Ringers" are able to identify the car as one which has lapped the Nordschleife.  Purchasers of stickers where the name "NURBURGRING" is emblazoned across the sticker (in shameless fashion) should be aware that displaying the sticker in such a style could be considered tasteless.  Especially when the dimensions of the sticker exceed the size of say...a numberplate or even a door.

All this passion...over a sticker.

Below is the old design of sticker

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